1.Washing up(清洁) Your hands are sticky.(你的手很脏。) Wash your hands immediately.(马上去洗手。) Look at the mess you’ve made.(看看你弄的。) You need to have a bath.(你得洗个澡了。) 2.Manners(礼貌) Don’t interrupt daddy/mommy.(不要打断妈/爸说话) Don’t bother me while I’m on the phone.(我打电话时不要捣乱) Are you going to apologize?(你准备道歉吗?) You need to share your toys with your sister.(你应该与妹妹分享玩具。) He had that toy first.(他先拿到的玩具。) This toy doesn’t belong to you.(这个玩具不是你的。) 3.Finding out(发现问题) What’s happened?(发生什么事了?) What’s the matter?(怎么了?) Why are you crying?(为什么哭?) Don’t worry.(不要担心。) Everything’s fine.(一切都会好的。) There’s nothing to be scared of.(没什么可怕的。) Are you feeling better now?(你现在感觉好些吗?) We are right in the next room.(我们就在旁边的屋子) 4.Discipline(纪律) Stop doing that.(停下) We need to discuss this.(我们需要检讨一下。) Good girls/boys don’t do/say things like that.(好孩子不那样做(说)。) You’re part of a family, and you can’t think only about yourself.(你是家庭的一员,你不能只想到自己。) Don’t argue me about this.(不要再和我争论了。) I’m going to count to three, and if you don’t have the toys picked up by then …(数到三你不收玩具,我就。。。) No more discussion, you’re going to bed now.(没有商量的余地,你必须现在上床。) Don’t raise your voice at me!(不要对我提高嗓门!) That’s a rude way to speak.(那样说话不礼貌/粗鲁。) 5.Compliments, encouragement(鼓励,夸奖) Great job!(太棒了!) I’m so proud of you.(我真为你骄傲!) Well done!(干得好!) You were so brave/great/good!(你真勇敢/棒!) 6.Restaurants, shopping(饭店,购物) We can’t eat the food until we pay for it.(这食物在付款之前我们不能吃。) Don’t run around here; we’re not at home.(不要在这乱跑,我们不是在家里。) Please don’t knock down all those cans.(请不要把那些罐子碰倒。) Don’t touch anything here. These things aren’t ours.(不要碰任何东西,这不是我们的。) You promised me you wouldn’t ask me to buy anything.(你答应我的不买任何东西。) 高分推荐: 英语学习方法: 名师课堂总结:小学生如何学好英语 小升初学生千万别闯入英语学习五大误区
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